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ACAuto Borkowski Zajkowski s.c.

was established to satisfy the market need for car air-conditioning compressors. The company’s origins date back to 1997, when KLIMAT, a car air-conditioning service facility was created in Ząbki near Warsaw, still in operation. The increasing market need for car air-conditioning compressors triggered the creation in 1999 of ACAuto s.c. which provides the following services: 

  • compressor recovery

  • import of compressors (devices by e.g. UNIPOINT and DENSO, leading replacement parts manufacturers)  

  • import of spare parts for compressors: coils, valves, bearings, seals, wheels, clutches, etc.

  • repair of air-conditioning systems 

  • installation of cooling units

  • installation of car air-conditioning

  • automotive repair

The company imports new compressors and compressor parts by several leading Eastern-European manufacturers, such as Denso and NSK. We constantly extend our offer, ensuring that each product is carefully selected to arrive at a high quality and a good value for money. We have customers both at home and abroad, e.g. in Spain, France, Holland Latvia, Ukraine and Russia.   

Tel. 22 751 33 54, 795 335 900, 22 873 83 03
VAT: 118-19-20-358
EU VAT: PL1181920358